Birthday Party 101

We put on a lot of birthday parties, so here are some tips on making your party as successful as it can be! We offer 2 party packages, which are detailed on our parties page.

When is the best time for a party?

This is probably the most important part of planning your party.

Are you looking for something quiet and easy going? Is your birthday child younger than 5? Are you going to have a lot of adults attending? Maybe you are going to have a craft project for the kids to work on at your party? 11am to 1pm is the time for you! Our volumes are lower in the morning, so we will have adequate seating for adults and lots of space for the kiddos to play.

Prefer to be where the action is? Is your child older than 5 and you are planning a party with few adults? Looking for the kids in your party to run around in the play structure until they wear themselves out? Lunch time is when we really pick up, so you definitely want the 1:30 to 3:30pm time slot.

Aren’t looking for that mid-day craziness but the morning is a little too early? Do you want to add a craft to your party? Or maybe you just have things to do and don’t want a party right in the middle of your day? 4-6pm is for you!

We also offer a party time slot on Friday evenings from 5-7pm. This is also a great time for a party as we don’t often get too busy on Friday nights.

Additionally, Saturdays are our busiest days. Sundays are next in line, but usually volumes don’t increase too much until early afternoon.

Private Parties:

We do not close for our weekend birthday parties. If you have a special need or are looking for a more private setting, we are happy to offer birthday parties during a weekday or evening. Please give us a call to see what we can work out!


Seating goes hand in hand with your party time. If you are planning a party and anticipate a lot of adults, 11am-1pm or Friday evening is your best bet. Our volumes are lower, so we generally have a lot of available space. Please keep in mind that we absolutely try to accommodate space for adult guests as best as we can, but our seating is limited. Unfortunately, we aren’t a banquet facility and only have so many tables to provide for larger parties as well as our walk-in guests.

My child is turning one:

Welcome to the world of children’s birthday parties! They can be a hectic and stressful time for parents. One-year old parties typically have a few children and lots of adults—everyone wants to celebrate your little one celebrating their first birthday! These parties also tend to run over the allotted 2-hour time. Depending on the party time you choose, please keep in mind that we will likely have another excited family coming in for their child’s party time. If you find your party running long, we suggest moving to one of our seating areas, so you can finish up gift-opening and we can get ready for the next party without too much disruption to you.

Should we provide for the adults at our party?

We can accommodate however you choose to handle your adult guests. We see some families that provide food and beverages for their adult guests, some choose beverages only and some choose to not provide for the adults at all.

Generally speaking, if the children invited to your party are in kindergarten or older, it is appropriate for parents to drop their children off and pick them up after the party, so it isn’t necessary to provide nourishment for your adult guests (A kind gesture, of course, but not necessary)

If the children invited to your party are younger than kindergarten age or special needs, and they require assistance with using the bathroom, eating or drinking, etc. It is appropriate for parents to stay for the duration of your party, and it would be polite to provide some sort of food or beverage for them.

We can accommodate a few extra pizzas and also offer some items for feeding a larger group, such as veggie trays, salads and several hot dips. Our café menu is also available, and adults can order what they like from the café. We do not sell pitchers of soda, but we do have cups for sale and adults can choose whatever beverage they like (And of course, we have free refills!)

When should I call to book my party?

For the best choice in times, we recommend scheduling 4-6 weeks ahead of time. Have to schedule at the last minute? We can totally accommodate if we have an opening, but we may only be able to offer a regular party package.

Cake and Ice Cream:

Any family that has purchased a party package with us is welcome to bring in cake and ice cream for your party. We have knives, servers and lighters and we can certainly find some candles should you forget some.

Party Favors:

While we provide a small favor for each birthday party child attending your party, you are more than welcome to bring in favor bags to hand out to your guests. We ask that you please hand them out as the children leave as we do not want to have suckers, gum or other treats and trinkets taken into the play structure.


Obviously, gifts are a big part of the party! We’ve seen some parties bring in bikes, motorized cars and trucks, kitchen sets, even a sand box! We will certainly try to accommodate finding the space for some of these larger gifts, but it may be best to leave them for home.