Planning your visit

We have two play sessions per day: Our early session runs from 10am to 2:30pm. Our afternoon session runs from 3:30 to 8pm. We are currently closed on Monday & Tuesday and most holidays.


We have divided our floor space into 10 separate seating areas. Each seating area has a couch, a dining table with chairs, coffee table and a rug. Each seating area is equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Groups no larger than 10 people will be assigned to a space and a tab will be set up for purchases during the visit. The tab will be cashed out at the end of the session or when the group is ready to leave, whichever comes first.

You may call ahead to reserve a seating area for your desired day and session, otherwise, sections are first come, first serve.

Our Café is open from 11am to 7pm. Last call on pizza orders is 6:00pm. You can find our menu on the café page of the website. Most concession items (coffee, soda, packaged snacks) are available at all times.

Coronavirus safety prevention and process:

We will be following CDC and State guidelines for safety. Face coverings are required for all people over the age of 5 years.

For the immediate future, we will be conducting (no-touch!) temperature checks on anyone entering the facility. Any temperatures above 99.9 will not be permitted entry.

To minimize transactions and interactions, each group can set out their section number on their dining table and a Funday’s team member will come to you for cafe orders.

Only adults, in masks, will be permitted into the beverage station for any drinks.

Parents must escort children younger than 7 to the restrooms to ensure proper hygiene and hand washing is conducted.

Masks may be removed while you are in your assigned seating area. If you leave your personal seating area, whether to visit the restroom, drink area/cafe, front desk or another family’s space, please wear a mask while outside of your designated space.

What Should I Bring?

We are a restaurant, please keep personal snacks at home. We really want to be sensitive to families that have children with allergies, and we know what ingredients the food we provide has in it, which helps us to limit allergen exposures.

Formula and baby food are absolutely ok. Feel free to ask if you need anything warmed up!

Socks must be worn in our facility. Children and adults, please.
You are welcome to bring a sippy cup or sports bottle to fill with water.
It’s a good idea to bring an extra change of clothes for any children that are in diapers or potty training. Just in case!

When Kids are Kids:

Please remember that parenting does not stop once you enter the door. It is important to watch your children as they play. We do actively watch our areas of play, and will correct any bad behaviors that we see, but we cannot do it alone—as they say, it takes a village! We need parents to also keep an eye on their children as they play to ensure they are playing safely and nicely. Keep in mind that younger children are just beginning to learn how to interact socially with other children and people and struggle to follow rules. They learn by watching us demonstrate how to share and take turns and interact with others, which is an important developmental milestone in social development.

If you find yourself in a position where another child is not acting appropriately or is causing issue, please bring it to our attention so we can help!